How Chatbots Are Beneficial In Boosting E-commerce Sales?

Everything You Need To Know About How Search Engines Work


How Hyperautomation Is Shaping The Future Of Businesses?



Enhance The Performance of Your Online Store With These eCommerce Tools!

Are you struggling to increase sales with your Online Store? If yes, then you might need the right kind of assistance in operating your business. We'll discuss the top six eCommerce tools in this blog to help you enhance the performance of your online store. Let's get started.  1. Readability Score Did you know that reader's attention span is just 7 seconds? Thus, it becomes critically important to grab the reader's attention with your website content. For that, delivering high-quality content is not enough. You need to make your content readable and easy to ...

What Is The Significance Of The Contextual Advertising?

19 August, 2021

A report released by GumGum has shown that around 61% of US ad publishers opt for contextual ads. Besides that, 24% of advertisers are considering hiking their budget...

Why Are Push Notifications Significant For Your Business?

18 August, 2021

With a solid marketing strategy, your business will enjoy the benefits of using push notifications. This is because this kind of marketing technique is one that targe...

How To Secure Investments With Your Channel Sales Strategy?

17 August, 2021

The basic premise of investing in channel growth is that your company's future is secured by channel sales performance. The underlying logic behind this line of reaso...



The Transformation of GoFounders to a Total Internet Solution

An astounding video by Jeffrey Morlock speaking about the evolution of GoFounders that was originally designed to build a community of like-minded people to a platform that suffices business solutions powered by Artificial...

ONPASSIVE: The Key to Business Innovation and Development

8 May, 2020

ONPASSIVE innovates business activities by allowing companies to employ partial au...

ONPASSIVE: A Profound Business Platform Run by Artificial Intelligence

18 April, 2020

ONPASSIVE is one of the profound AI platforms that deliver end-to-end business sol...

ONPASSIVE – GoFounders taking the world by storm

27 March, 2020

Be a part of a revolutionary movement with ONPASSIVE. Build your online business w...



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Significance Of Using AI In Data Analytics

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How Chatbots Are Beneficial In Boosting E-commerce Sales?

With The Rising Demands Of Users Or Customers And Rapid Changes In The Market Dynamics, The E-commerce Market Has Become The Need Of The Hour. Most Businesses Are Switching Their Businesses Online To Sustain Themselves In The Present Uncertain Situation.  It Has Become Essential For Businesses To Maintain The Constant And Uninterrupted Flow Of Services Around The Clock To Gain A ...


Everything You Need To Know About How Search Engines Work

Search Engines Are Responsible For Indexing Billions Of Web Pages And Determining The Popularity And Rank Of These Pages. This Is Done By Analyzing The Keywords That Are Included On Each Page. Each One Of These Keywords Is Assigned A Special Value, Based On How Many Other Websites Use That Keyword As Part Of Their Urls.   when A Search Engine Visitor Comes Across A Web Page, They ...

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Greeting To All Founder Members! "change Your Life Today. Don't Gamble On The Future; Act Now, Without Delay."  onpassive is The Only Way To Reach Your Goal.......  ...

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Enhance The Performance of Your Online Store With These eCommerce Tools!

Are You Struggling To Increase Sales With Your Online Store? If Yes, Then You Might Need The Right Kind Of Assistance In Operating Your Business. We'll Discuss The Top Six Ecommerce Tools In This Blog To Help You Enhance The Performance Of Your Online Store. Let's Get Started.  1. Readability Score  ...

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Significance Of Using AI In Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Is A Brand-new Term. The Majority Of Us Are Unsure What It Is. However, We All Employ Artificial Intelligence In Some Manner In Our Daily Lives. We Begin Our Day With Ai When We Wake Up To The Alarm Set By Google Assistant. When You Use The Google Search Engine To Find A Local Restaurant, You Use Ai Once Again. As A Result, We Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Is, Yet We Utilize It.  ...

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